HyperConverged Computing

SCALE Computing HC3 is a virtualization platform designed to deliver simplicity, availability and scalability in a single appliance cluster. It is essentially a “datacentre in a box” with server, storage, virtualization tightly integrated to get you up and running in less than 60 minutes at a fraction of the cost.

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Affordable | Fully Integrated | Super Easy


Simplified, highly-automated infrastructure that keeps your apps and business running.


Implementing and deploying HC3 is easy. The simplicity of the self-healing platform, driven by automation, allows Scale Computing customers to focus on their work, rather than their infrastructure.


Scale Computing HC3® software replaces virtualization software, disaster recovery software, servers, and shared storage with a fully integrated, highly available system.


Scale Computing customers find the HC3 IT infrastructure solution is affordable up front and delivers superior total cost of ownership over the life of the platform.

SCALE Computing HC3

What is Hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence combines the hypervisor, storage and networking into a single appliance that provides high availability for running virtual machines. This architecture brings simplicity, high availability and scalability together into the datacenter, driving adoption of the Enterprise class technology in the mid-market.



Eliminating multiple vendors from virtualization infrastructure makes HC3 far easier to deploy and manage. Your IT administrators will spend less time managing infrastructure and have more time for projects that will move your business forward

  • Deploy in less than an hour
  • Create new VMs in minutes
  • Single pane, web-based management
  • Automated storage management
  • No-downtime system updates for hardware and software
  • Single vendor support experience


In today’s 24/7/365 world, IT systems can’t afford downtime. Even if a hardware component or an entire HC3 appliance fails, an HC3 cluster can keep your systems running with little to no downtime.

  • Redundant critical hardware components
  • Automatic failover of VMs from a failed appliance
  • Automatic data restriping for failed disks
  • VMs are automatically highly available
  • Intelligent self-healing automation
  • Replicate and failover to remote systems


Traditionally, infrastructure scale-out has been so challenging that organizations planned and purchased infrastructure to accommodate growth up to five years in advance. With HC3 infrastructure, you buy only what you need and then scale-out seamlessly when you need it.

  • Scale-out without downtime
  • Seamless scale-out with automated storage configuration
  • Mix and match hardware appliances
  • Scale-out for higher VM performance


Moving Away From VMware or Hyper-V

For those businesses, which are currently running VMware or Hyper V, and it’s too expensive to upgrade to what you really need, there’s an alternative. With no additional licensing or hardware, HC3 is an affordable and easy to use option for virtualization.

First-Time Virtualizers

Virtualization has gone mainstream. For those who are still on the fence, the reasons are endless as to why you should consider virtualization. Server consolidation is only the start. Automation and scalability allow you to simplify your infrastructure, while growing your business.

Remote Office/Branch Office

Businesses are growing, and branch and remote offices are essential to that growth. HC3 is built to be a highly automated virtualization platform that can enable a remote/branch office environment. Server, storage and virtualization integrated into one appliance allows for simple deployment and management to branch/remote office environments.

Cost Savings

HC3 drastically reduces cost over traditional virtualization vendors who force you to buy licenses per feature, and additional hardware such as a SAN or NAS. Add management software and before you know it, the cost has spiraled out of control. With HC3, you have no additional licensing or hardware to purchase.

Reduced OPEX And Management Time

HC3 allows you to focus on the business. Not only does HC3 eliminate the hardware cost, but also the complexity of managing traditional virtualization environments. HC3 is simple to deploy, provision and manage. No specialized certifications or skill sets, no cumbersome deployment procedures, just simplified infrastructure to keep your applications up and running.

Continuous High Availability

Scale Computing understands the importance of availability and designed HC3 with built in high availability across all nodes and VMs. This eliminates the guessing game of figuring out what needs HA, segmenting your workloads and applications, and ultimately wasting time and resources on this cumbersome process. Even software updates happen non-disruptively. HC3’s HA means you will never have to worry.

Get started with Scale Computing and build an infrastructure that fits you and your specific needs.