Whether you have an existing network in place or are adding/upgrading or considering securing your digital assets in the cloud, our certified engineers are here to help you do it quickly and flawlessly.

Installation Service. For the most seamless deployment, nothing is better than having a vendor certified expert take care of the project.

Our certified solutions engineer will ensure all prerequisites have been met, perform the installation, answer all questions, and pass along all of our best practices. Our Service includes:

  • Environment review and pre-installation planning call
  • Best practices overview
  • Onsite or Remote configuration
  • Knowledge transfer and final hand-off

WiFi Predictive Planning Service

A virtual WLAN survey is a very cost effective alternative to a traditional onsite WLAN survey. It can be almost as accurate as a physical survey as long as we capture all the pertinent information about the site to plan the wireless network. The value to our clients is that it is cost effective and it takes significantly less time to get the project started. Predictive planning reports provide following benefits:

  • Fraction of the cost of physical wifi survey
  • Helpful in estimating costs of the wireless and switching hardware
  • Provides your network cabling team with information for cable runs
  • Provides a baseline to validate with an actual onsite survey

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